Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know the FAQs about Precision Manufacturing?

  • Does Precision Manufacturing software track in real time?

The simple answer is yes! Each employee has their individual login details and they update the system as materials are ordered, arriving, manufacturing stages, dispatch etc. When your employee makes an update in the system, the update is available to see straight away.


  • Can I do batch level tracking?

With our Precision Manufacturing Software, you can track the materials and see which batches they have gone into. You will have full control of knowing where your materials come from, what they go into and then where they are shipped to.


  • How many logins can my business have?

A business can have as many general logins as necessary and you can allocate different user access levels to different staff members. Please talk to us to find out more information.


  • Where is my data stored? How do I get at it.

Precision Manufacturing Software is a cloud based program that is hosted on servers within Australia. At anytime you can request a download of your database in CSV.


  • Where is your support team located?

Our Software Engineers, Sales Team and also Support Team are located on the South Coast of New South Wales. They can be easily contacted through our helpdesk system or via email, please see our contacts page for further information. 


  • I want to move from another ERP System, can you help me move my data in?

Most certainly. Our Software Engineers will be able to pull your data from your ERP system and then merge that information into the Precision Manufacturing Software. We can either guide you through the process or handle the whole thing for you. 


  • Can my data be imported from Xero or MYOB?

Data can be easily imported from any system that allows export. We can connect to some systems, for example Xero, to import data. Other systems, we export the information into a CSV file and then upload that file into the Precision Manufacturing. If you have any troubles with this process, our software engineers are able to assist.


Do you still have questions?
Call our friendly staff on +61 2 9046 0950 for more information.