“I want to make sure I don’t forget to invoice a job.”

“My accounts people want to know that a purchase order has been received so the bill can be paid.”

“I want to stop doing double entry for invoices and purchase orders.”

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Precision Manufacturing automatically prompts for invoicing and billing information. The invoice or bill details can then be “pushed” into your accounting package automatically.

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There are several options for invoicing. A proforma invoice can be manually generated from a sales order. Another option is to automate the invoicing on dispatch. Finally you can manually generate an invoice at any stage. The invoice can be viewed or emailed from the system. If you have integration enabled, then it will also be handed over to your accounting package.


Billing works similar to invoicing. You can enter a bill (an invoice from a supplier) against a purchase order or against a receipt of goods or services. Should the supplier be an international supplier, exchange rates are also recorded. The real value of the goods is thus available for stock reports or costings. Details also handed over to your accounting package in the event integration is enabled.



Integration is a process where Precision Manufacturing “talks” to your accounting package to transfer information back and forth. At this stage contact details, item and product details, invoices and bills are able to be sent. At this time, integration is possible with Xero and MYOB. If you require another accounting package, please contact us.