“My team members waste half their time working out what to do next.”

“I want to know what is due to come in or due to go out.”

“My team can never get to the information they need when they need it. They spend too much time looking for information to get their job done.”

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Getting your team working efficiently can be a challenge sometimes. They should be able to focus on their job and not have to worry about anything else. Often it is hard to supervise them all the time. This is where Precision Manufacturing’s task lists and terminals come to the rescue.

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Terminals are normal computers or devices logged in with a machine account. They are designed to be used with either a barcode scanner or touch screen. Users then identify themselves by selection from a list or scanning of their id card. Once identified they can perform functions as permitted by either their user id or the work zone. They can also get access to product or job information when needed.



The system also has easily configurable lists to indicate what work is ready to be performed. You might have a list of outstanding purchase order items requiring follow up. Perhaps a list of jobs which can be started or dispatched. This way your team can simply look at the list for what to do next.