“I have the information relating to some old products but not all, it would take me ages to find out the details of a product if a customer rang with questions or needing support!”

“I have complex products, with lots of information, I need a system that puts all that information at my team’s fingertips.”

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Our product repository was designed with these exact problems in mind. Precision Manufacturing can store as many products as you like, each with their own code, description, workflow, bill of materials, notes, file attachments and pricing.

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Any number of files of any type can be attached to the product. Diagrams, work instructions, photos, the list goes on. These are then available for the team to access at any time, be it for inspections or work instructions. This makes the repository the “one source of truth” for every product you make.


Each product is also multi-level capable. In other words, a product can have another product as one of its input material items. There is no limit to the number of “child” products a product can have, nor the number of levels down it can go (ie product A can use product B which in turn can use product C, etc).



In addition, products also hold a Bill Of Materials (BOM) and a customisable workflow. There are no limits on the workflow, any number of work zones can be configured, both internal and external subcontracting work zones. Each work zone has a configuration behind it allowing the system to estimate labour costs for you. Between the BOM and the workflow, a costing is then calculated.

Serial Numbers

Finally, a product can be configured to be serial numbered – in other words when a product is in production, the system will ask for a serial number (or automatically assign one). This allows for fine-grained tracking of the product. Combined with batch-level tracking of material, it provides the ultimate level of traceability.