“I don’t know if I am making money on the product.”

“I don’t think my team is working efficiently.”

“I need to trim my margins, but I don’t know where to start.”

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One of the most difficult things to get a handle on is labour. We all have a “gut feeling” of where it is at or who is efficient at what, but that’s it. Knowing exactly how much labour went into making a product is crucial.

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Time Logging

In Precision Manufacturing, a work zone is your labour tracking station. With a well defined workflow, you can capture all labour spent in production for a product. It might be a minute spent inspecting a product, or time getting material together to do the task at hand. It all adds up. Time logging is no longer a hassle, with your workers using easy to access terminals. Time is accrued against each work zone on each job, giving you exact labour costing of each step.


If desired, the same time logging system can be used to generate timesheets for employees. It is also used for job analysis and comparison to previous runs of the same product.